Saturday, March 11, 2006

My 200 word statement as a candidate that ran in local paper

My campaign song, "Lay The Shovel Down," stands for STOPPING wrong-headed, big-ticket spending. Tax breaks make the rich richer and poor poorer. I'll vote NO on TIFs, stadiums and under-river tunnels. I'm prudent, hate debt and want families to thrive here again. Get my free CD with software and music.

My focus on freedom, liberty and justice for all favors everyone, not cronies.

I coach swimming. Kids are my priority. I want to chair the YOUTH POLICY and Citiparks committee. My expert background from Market House to publisher of 100+ fitness books will insure functional rinks, pools, gyms. Our kids deserve something to shoot at and for, rather than each other with guns.

All benefit with: Bike lanes on streets; Trust in democracy; Youth Technology Summits; Day-cares and Preschools; Subsidized housing for poor (not rich). In-fill-parking treatments in established neighborhoods make more sense than subsidized garages on Second Ave.

I'll cut the deed-transfer-tax and encourage home-ownership by unloading URA properties.

Expect kayaks in Panther Hollow, a marathon, and community fitness. My tech interactions push fairness, transparency, engagement and open-source solutions. Give your input at 390-page

Mark Rauterkus, 46, Libertarian.

Married to Catherine V. Palmer, Ph.D., since 1990.

Two sons, ages 11 and 8.

South Side

Graduate of Penn Hills High School, 1977; BSJ, 82, Ohio University, graduate teaching assistant at Baylor University, 1982-83 sans degree.

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