Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Newsletter mailed to many extra in District 3

A story and photo ran in the recent edition of the Libertarian newsletter for PA. You can get the entire edition online in a PDF format. See the bottom half of page three for the story by Tim Crowley.

Pittsburgh Libertarian Seeks City Council Seat in Special Election

The local party had the newsletter mailed to some households in the district and throughout Allegheny County.

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Mark Rauterkus said...

Mark Rauterkus, Vice Chair of the
Libertarian Party of Pittsburgh and
Libertarian candidate for Pittsburgh district 3 Special Election, released a four point Campaign Finance Reform plan at the Pittsburgh Economic Club’s Economic Forecast Luncheon.

Mark, who gained an impressive 7.2%
of the vote in last spring’s hotly contested District 42 State Senate Special Election, is a new member of the Club. Mark’s current Special Election for Pittsburgh City Council is slated for March 14th.

The Rauterkus campaign stresses
freedom, future, fitness and flow
to benefit the entire Three Rivers
region. Rauterkus stated, “We need
simple, free-market plans to make
local campaign finance as streamlined and as transparent as possible.

I look forward to presenting my four point plan to the city’s financial community. These new solutions will cost Pittsburgh nothing, yet make significant improvements in the way campaigns are financed for city council and other local races.”

Earlier, Mark Rauterkus unveiled
another 4-point plan to the Pittsburgh Airport Area Chamber of
Commerce and Craig Patrick of the
Penguins. This plan also stresses
“freedom, future, fitness and flow”
to benefit our region.

Rauterkus said, “The plan is simple
and everyone I talk to is in agreement with me. 1) Own what you
build. 2) Return what you lease. 3)
Grow, flourish and contribute to flow. 4) Fix what you broke.”

Join the Pittsburgh Libertarians for a Rally for Rauterkus on Monday, March 13th, 7pm at the Rauterkus campaign headquarters at 108 S.12th St. There will be a short meeting and then a drive to approximately 20 polling places to tape up Rauterkus signs the day before the special election.
Bring tape, etc.

For more information about the rally or the campaign call 412-298-3432 or email