Friday, March 10, 2006

Official Proposes School Zone Firearm Safety Act

KDKA - Pittsburgh's Source for Breaking News, Weather and Sports: Official Proposes School Zone Firearm Safety Act: "Diven's proposal would call for a mandatory two-year-jail sentence for anyone over the age of 12 years old who fires a gun while committing a crime within 300-feet of a school.
Of course they are armed and dangerous. Brandon Murray and Thomas Beck....

The cost to keep a criminal in a PA prison is $85 per day. The cost for a year is about $35,000. These numbers come from my director of policy research, Dr. Wilburn Hayden.

Okay -- how much do we pay for a crossing guard per day?

How much do we pay a substitute teacher per day?

How many full-time athletic coaches are in town making $35,000 per year?

The prisons are at 110% capacity.

The Rec Centers are not filled to capacity. We used to have 19 Rec Centers in the city. The past mayor closed them all, but didn't touch but one Senior Center.

The Senior Centers, in my not so humble opinion, serve a great purpose too. Senior Centers offer a lot of preventative care as well to our community. But, come on -- this isn't a square deal.

The outcomes for the future are still unknown as to what Bob O'Connor is REALLY going to do with the summer swim pool and rec centers. Time will tell -- more jails, more police, more prisoners seem to be the way of the vast majority.

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