Monday, March 06, 2006

Philadelphia political film due soon.

Philadelphia Inquirer | 03/05/2006 | Inqlings | No fleas on these house listings: "Roll 'em..."
Hat tip to GrassrootsPA blog.

This would make for another good segment to's Candidate Lessons of Humility.

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Roll 'em...

City Hall and Local 98 of the electricians' union are waiting warily for the release of a documentary about the 2003 mayor's race between John Street and Sam Katz.

The Shame of the City - a play on the 1904 Lincoln Steffens book The Shame of the Cities, which described Philly as a political cesspool - is due to premiere March 31 as part of the Philadelphia Film Festival. Wynnefield filmmaker Tigre Hill asked to follow both camps from the summer into the fall. Only Katz played along. (Hill has described himself as a Republican.)

Friday, Hill declined my offer to talk about the film, for which musicians Bill Jolly and Lauren Hart are contributing music.

The film's big star is a bug - as in the FBI eavesdropping device discovered just before the election. Those who saw a recent test screening say that electricians' union chief and Street ally John Dougherty, a possible 2007 mayoral candidate, comes off looking like a bully intent on encouraging the harassment of Katz at campaign stops.

Dougherty spokesman Frank Keel said Dougherty has no intention of seeing the movie. "It's no doubt as shallow and disingenuous as Katz's numerous failed political campaigns," he said. "Local 98 simply held him accountable for his double-speak, and he's hated us ever since."