Wednesday, March 01, 2006

'Right size' is done deal -- but the real quotes isn't for "right size" but for "done deal"

'Right size' done deal - The district has 31,148 students.
It wasn't that long ago when the district had 35,000 students. It will not be too long from now when the district has 29,999.

People often vote with their feet. The closing of so many buildings, again, is going to send scores of people out of the city. Many others won't ever show up.

The downward spiral is continues with the plan.

All of those who want to manage decline are at the head of the class now, in our schools, and in our city's political life. Those of us at the back of the room are feed up. Many have already left. Most have their bags packed and are ready to run once the next test comes and a clean break is presented.

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