Saturday, March 04, 2006

Tenacious Blogging: Pittsburgh City Council District 3--Vote for Mark Rauterkus (L)

A second great endorsement from a local blogger has come to my attention. Thanks. I'm very impressed with the kind words.
Tenacious Blogging: Pittsburgh City Council District 3--Vote for Mark Rauterkus (L): "Pittsburgh City Council District 3--Vote for Mark Rauterkus (L)
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In my years of covering politics, and local and state elections, I learned very quickly that a candidate's party matters less than their position on the issues."
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Anonymous said...

Hmmm this ringing endorsement should get you about....let me think...ZERO votes.

Mark Rauterkus said...

I think I'll get more than zero votes.

Let's see.... Last time I ran for elected office, as a Libertarian for PA Senate against two heavy weights, each with multiple chins, it was predicted that I'd get less than .005 of the vote. Heck, I was out-spent 500 to 1 by both the D and the R. How could the people pick a candidate that only raised $3k when the others spent close to $1M.

Lots of people ate those words when my vote total was 2,542 votes. In this race, half of that is going to be enough to win.

Where is your endorsement posted on the net?

Anonymous said...

I didn't mean you won't get any votes in the election, I meant from that endorsement.

I didn't make an endorsement because I am in District #2 and my man is in office.

You can talk about all those 2,542 votes that you want. But Wayne Fontana got 19,158 votes. Quite a few more than you. The votes you got were the protest votes that people casted because of all of the mailings and TV commercials that were negative.

People won't pull that lever for you, you don't have a (D) next to your name.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Labels are killing Pittsburgh and you've proven my point.

There are nearly 100,000 Ds in PA Senate 42 -- and Fontana got nearly 20,000 votes. Each D got about 1/5th of a vote. He had a bit of a head start. There are not 250 Libs in Allegheny County. Each county Lib generated 10 votes -- and the county is bigger than the district.

Protest votes are votes of protest due to the ugly campaign as well as the ugly government the Ds have been delivering to this city for all too long.

We also have lots of protest votes that come with the feet of the people -- as they leave town. We are half the size of the city from the past.

So, you think that the votes I earn are worthy of 2, 3, or 4 of each that a D might get? How might you handicap this race?

But, don't do much more here without being with at least a blog handle.

Anonymous said...

O'Connors boy will win. Watch.

Your getting yourself known as "that guy whor uns for everything."