Thursday, March 16, 2006

VICTORY smells like this: Mayor O'Connor reveals his spending plan for Pittsburgh

Mayor O'Connor reveals his spending plan for Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Mayor Bob O'Connor released a revised city budget yesterday that would boost spending by $28 million over last year, increase police coverage and fully fund school crossing guards and the Fire Bureau.


The loyal readers to this blog and the one's on the campaign trails know that I've been standing on my head to say that we need to bring back the crossing guards.

This is how WE win.

If you want to be SAFE -- then you don't move the police station out of the zone and out of the city. Clueless. That was a suggestion from Kraus at a campaign event.

The way to move in a real effort to being safe is to put the crossing guards back on the streets. And, to re-tool them with additional support.

Furthermore, one of the other candidates in the recent election worked with the OLD city councilman. He was unhappy to hear me blame the past city council for its FUMBLES in funding the crossing guards. Jason Phillips, G, worked with Gene Ricciardi, D, when those cuts came. And, the cuts came at repeated instances.

The city screwed up here. We need to fix another of Tom Murphy's messes.

If we want a safe 1,000 foot zone around the schools -- start by putting CROSSING GUARDS back into the neighborhoods. That is a budget and funding issue first. That is a duty of the city's budget, not the school budget.

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