Monday, May 08, 2006

Biker Event - open the tunnel

Bike lanes are needed too -- along with the tunnels.

Tunnel for pedestrians in Xian, China. The people can walk in a safe way under the ten lane road -- without stopping the flow of traffic. Most of the tunnels have ramps build in along the steps that allow for the pushing of bikes to join the walkers.
BST Event The Somerset County Rails-to-Trails Association (SCRTA) invites you to join the Light at the End of the Tunnel Celebration on Saturday, May 27th from noon to 3 pm at the Western Maryland Railway Station, Meyersdale, PA.

Trail rides, refreshments, entertainment, displays, and activities are planned for visitors of all ages. A grand opening ceremony will take place at 2 pm.
This is great progress. Soon the Pittsburgh to DC trail is going to be a real deal.

This September there is a 'World Clinic' for ASCA (swim coaches). It would have been great, given the price of gas, to be able to bike with 10-20 other swim coaches in the region on a three day trip to DC for the event.

I do like to push the functional benefits of biking -- not just the recreational ones. I think we need more bikes for everyday work and everyday travel. That means bikes get to take the place of cars. Bikes need bike lanes on busy city streets for commuters and travel to school.

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