Wednesday, May 10, 2006

City fires Weed and Seed coordinator

John T, a guy I know from being out and about in the community, like he is, got terminated today. The reasoning is unknown in the paper -- and with me.

Weed and Seed hit a bump in the road a bit in recent times. The prior director was terminated in the first hours of the new administration. I think that went down as the police boss was also let go, or around that time. But, then, John T. kept onto his job and might have picked up additional duties.
City fires Weed and Seed coordinator: "Pittsburgh Mayor Bob O'Connor's administration has terminated the coordinator of the city's Weed and Seed program. A mayoral spokesman said the program would continue to operate while the administration seeks a new coordinator.

The terminated coordinator, John T. Tokarski Jr., 49, of Hazelwood, started with the city in 1994. "
Weed and Seed is nice. But, my approach calls for Weed, Seed and Flourish. When do we ever get aroud to a HARVEST if we are always doing the weed and seed things?

There are too few programs in the city that are built to FLOURISH. We want our kids to soar. I want the buddies of my children to be able to soar too. We need to have a framework in the schools, parks, and neighborhoods where excellence is expected. That means we need more than 'lifeguards.' We need 'coaches.' We need programs that push and pull our kids.

I want my children to be in gangs. But I'm not talking about 'street gangs.' I want them to engage in gangs that are positive experiences.

A band, orchestra, swim team, and other efforts are 'gang-like' -- but -- postitive. That is the missing leg on the chair in the past approaches with our city.

Let us 'Create Literate Olympians Here.' That's the point of CLOH.Org, one of my hobby sites. That is a theme I'm wiling to sing and dance about for hours.

Do weed. Do seed. Fine. But let's also be sure that the entire forumla for success is established --- FLOURISH.

John, you did good work. You did a lot of time in duties where you had to make chicken soup and you only got chicken droppings to scratch about with.

John, you did a good job of survival and influence when Tom Murphy was in office too. I hated Tom Murphy's acts and the crew that was around him -- but -- for you.

John, let me know what your up to next.

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