Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Editor's Blog: Unplugged

Great advice. "They should have logged on and listened." Great advice. Did I say that twice?
The Editor's Blog: Unplugged It's in no way surprising that ousted lawmakers would beat a drumbeat of excuses for their defeats, anything other than a disconnect with ordinary people on issues that matter. But, still, I'm disappointed with Dennis Leh for not giving credit where credit is due.

Challenger Billy Reed didn't beat me, Leh said. 'The papers did. We deserved some of it, but the papers just crucified us.'

We'll put the Jesus analogies aside and not take anything away from the mainstream press. But what about the impact of the Internet, which wasn't in everyone's homes the last time the legislature tried a late-night pay grab? It was the bloggers -- unlimited by the finite space of the print media -- that kept the pay-raise issue rock 'n' rolling for nearly a year. Not to mention the hundreds and hundreds of taxpayers who expressed their outrage on this blog alone, vowing payback.

Leh and the gang should have logged on and listened.

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