Thursday, May 18, 2006

Put this rocket into your date book, May 20th at 10 pm.

I can't say much else, except, visit this site:
Down and Derby Party.
Roller skating goes on in the lobby areas of the sports stadiums, daily, in central Chengdu in southwest China. Could you imagine the Steelers setting up a skate rink for ongoing operations day-in-day-out in The Great Hall in Heinz Field. Yeah, right!

In other news, speaking of skating, I got another call the other day from a possible investor who wants to Re-OPEN the now closed (still) Neville Ice Rink on the South Side behind UPMC's South Side Hospital. The rink was shut and never re-opened, due to a lack of political will from Mayor Murphy.

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Anonymous said...

Pittsburgh has never seen an event like this....Don't miss it!

Down and Derby - May 20th 10 pm- 4 am - Roller girls and downtown living?! Very cool - Check it out Open Bar all night long, Roller skates included with admission or bring your own. Sponsors: The Cork Factory, Scion and Amplified