Wednesday, May 31, 2006 - News - Councilman Introduces Ethics Board Resolution - News - Councilman Introduces Ethics Board Resolution Councilman Bill Peduto introduced a resolution, setting out how the city Ethics Hearing Board will be set up.
What the heck. I was one who asked for this to come about -- as did the city's republicans. However, there is no need for a new resolution. The Ethics Board is part of the city's charter. Just appoint the people to the board and insist that the others follow the city's charter -- the city's constitution.

What's up with that???

Who said that they can't be part of a board nor part of a political organization? Is that a reading from the bathroom walls?

I think you should tap into a member of the Green Party, the Libertarian Party and the Republican Party. There are three seats. Then you might as well put on a School Crossing Guard and a School Teacher for slots four and five. Get a teacher that has a class in grade K -- as that poem, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know Came from When You Were in Kindergarten is prime for this body.

If you break it -- fix it. Put things away after you use them. Global stuff.

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