Friday, May 19, 2006

Boycott Bud - a new BLOG pops it lid, cheers!

Some in the blog world might be gathering at Finnigan's Wake tonight for the blog fest. We'll see what beverage they choose.
Boycott Bud: "Word was handed down from St. Louis today that Rolling Rock beer will no longer be brewed in Old Latrobe, but instead in Newark, New Jersey.

Newark, New Jersey!

Clearly, this is the end of Rolling Rock as we know it. It may be in a green bottle, but it ain't Rolling Rock if it comes from Newark! If you love our region and its beer, strike back at Anheuser-Busch by never again purchasing or drinking one of its beers. Let us strive to never again look down a bar and see one of our fellow Western Pennsylvanians swilling any of the following evil brews:

All Budweiser brands
All Busch brands
All Michelob brands
All Natural brands
O'Doul's NA
Bacardi Silver
Bare Knuckle Stout
Hurricane malt liquors
King Cobra malt liquor
Red Hook ESB

And, yes, sadly...Rolling Rock. Show me a mountain spring in Newark!

Leave your name, hometown, and comment below to show Anheuser-Busch that we won't stand for them killing our beer!"

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