Monday, May 22, 2006

Fire Fontana

Fire Fontana. This is the best Fontana has got to offer the district.
FONTANA REMINDS VETERANS TO ATTEND ENTREPRENEUR BOOT CAMP - 5/22/2006 PITTSBURGH, May 22, 2006 - State Sen. Wayne D. Fontana today reminded vetera=
ns and their spouses who are looking to start their own business to attend t=
he Entrepreneur Boot Camp Seminars.

The event is being facilitated by Donn Nemchick, a U.S. Navy Veteran and adv=
isor to entrepreneurs.
Meanwhile, Rome burns.


Anonymous said...

Wayne is doing a fine job so far...thank God he won that election.

What race will you be running in next Mr. Mark?

You are known as the "guy who runs for everything"

Mark Rauterkus said...

Wayne is doing next to nothing. I'm sad he is the senator, not so much for me but for my city and region. So, we can disagree there.

He won that election after spilling tons of MUD. That isn't what I'm looking for out of a senate candidate. He has not much to say.

I'm the guy who can never be told, PUT UP OR SHUT UP. I'm the guy who helped insure that Mayor Murphy would NOT run again and left office. I'm the guy who is helping to put technology into our political life with the And, I'm the guy who coaches kids of the neighborhoods and teams while running for public office four times in the past 30 years.

Once you are a public figure, you always need to run. State REPs run every 2 years. And, some, like Jack Wagner, ran for everything along the way too. He ran for Mayor. He ran for Lt. Gov. He ran for other jobs.

My next role as a candidate, a run at Wayne Fontana. I'd be a much better senator.

Rob said...

Why is everyone so upset at Fontana?

Dennis Farina is no Jerry Orbach, but I'm fascinated by his character, Wayne Fontana. Where does this cop get all his money? There's something in his background that's not quite right. I want to find out what's up.

I hope they keep him.

Rob of UnSpace


Mark Rauterkus said...

Rob, I'm going to run against Fontana. I hope you'd want me to be a voice of inclusion and reason in the PA Senate.

And, I don't think that there are TONS of folks who are UPSET with Fontana exactly. Rather, there are TONS of folks who are UPSET at the status quo politicians who are just like FONTANA. Fontana is guilty by association with the Harrisburg trash, plus, he is without of any other reasons to wonder otherwise.

Rob said...

Uh, Mark...I take it you're not a "Law and Order" fan?

Dumb joke. Nevermind.

Mark Rauterkus said...

I knew you were going somewhere.... I do watch that show from time to time, but don't keep track of the names of the guys nor actors.

Just, 'Plead em' ... right?

Anonymous said...

If you want to run do it, your wasting your time and effort. It is pointless to run, you have zero chance.

Find something better to do than run for office and garner a few votes.

Mark Rauterkus said...

I'll make some very valid points so it won't be pointless.

I've got 7% in a 3 way race as a Libertarian one year ago, being out-spent 500-to-1. This year, with the new waves of reform to toss out the bumbs in Harrisburg, in a two-way race, and without Fontana spending nearly $1-million from the slush fund of those who have been getting tossed out themselves (Harrisburg cronie money) -- I'd say my chances are much better. And, I'm Independent and with a mission with reform with a Governor Candidate to campaign with as well.

In the recent election, one of the state leaders said, "Money was not a factor." And, it was "Impossible" -- and that is the incumbent saying that.

The others have proven that ZERO chance is now not only do-able -- but probable.

Anonymous said...

Diamond has ZERO chance of winning.

When I posted my last message I knew the whopping %7 argument would come up.

That means 93& of people voted against you.

Anonymous said...

Face it there's only one person in that district who would have a shot at beating Fontana but it looks like he's planning to run for something else.