Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Britain targets improvements to reach medal target in 2012

The Brits are turning on the heat in various sports and with various athletic programs in the years to come. Come on -- get 4th!
SI.com - Olympics - Britain targets improvements to reach medal target in 2012 - Tuesday May 9, 2006 1:17PM... Cycling, rowing, sailing, equestrian and modern pentathlon regularly deliver medals for Britain and will have to 'consolidate on their success.'

Archery, boxing, canoeing, judo and badminton have a 'sporadic track record' and will need to increase their medal totals, he said.

The BOA is also targeting other sports where Britain is weak, including weightlifting, wrestling and water polo.

Meanwhile, London organizers said they will embark on a 'road show' across Britain to promote the games. The tour will begin in London on July 6 -- a year to the day after the city was awarded the Olympics -- and run until July 27, exactly six years before the opening ceremony.

Also Tuesday, a public hearing began into the forced relocation of businesses from the Olympic park in east London. Olympic organizers have about 86 percent of the land needed for the complex, but dozens of businesses are fighting eviction.

The London Development Agency has issued a 'compulsory purchase order' covering 306 hectares (756 acres) in the Olympic precinct."
In other news, eminent domain acts are an important next step in getting access to the land for the Olympic venues in East London.

Perhaps we could write new eminent domain laws in PA -- or elsewhere in the USA -- that pledge no eminent domain, UNLESS it is for the Olympics. Maybe not.

Bubble sport for the Brits.

Olympic racquet -- not always about a racket.

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Mark Rauterkus said...

Not in this order, but the five competitions, held over two days include:

shoot (pistol), and
horseback riding.

George Patton was a US Olympian in this event, I think.