Tuesday, May 23, 2006

OMG - Council wants to beef up OVERSIGHT???

This is unreal.... Unreal!!!!

Pittsburgh has two oversight bodies now. The I.C.A. and the Act 47 crew. Two where there was NONE. And now, Council wants to beef up OVERSIGHT. Do they want a third body? What about a fourth? This goes without a mention of the JUSTICE Depatartment that just left with the bad habit of being less than color blind. And yet, Mary Beth B is still poking around.

We've got overlord overload. Perhaps the Heinz Foundation should put out invitations to host an Overlords Ball. Put them all in the same room, how about the Great Hall at Heinz Field, and then lock the doors. Force them to watch QED's OnQ from start to finish, with multiple screens and gab fests, even off of the JUMBOTRON. That company and agenda, with plenty of chips and dip, will be sure to put them into a slumber of the highest order. Then we'd be able to go about with a new lease on life.

Pittsburgh Tuesday takes - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "The Twanda Carlisle affair has prompted Pittsburgh City Council to consider beefing up oversight of how council members spend their discretionary accounts. City Solicitor Susan Malie has referred to the county district attorney and state ethics officials several of Ms. Carlisle's disbursements. Credit City Council President Luke Ravenstahl and acting City Controller Tony Pokora for the proposal. But the question has to be asked: Why have things been so lax for so long?"
Since we have OVERLORDS now, can anyone find out if they are awake? Why can't they do the duty of being a 'watch dog?'

Back in my perfect world, we'd have real media watchdogs too.... And, to their credit, the Trib and TV 11, Rick E., have done a good job at barking up Twanda's tree.

But, in the next breath, they missed the daffy wi-fi deal, the fix is in gambling deal, the we don't have the money except from Australia Mon Valley Toll Road, the Runnel, and a rather extensive list of other folly and spending elements that are sure to keep us down for generations to come.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't the controller paid to be the watchdog. That office needs an overhaul. Even the home rule charter says that all accounts are to be audited. WHERE WAS THE CONTROLLER?