Saturday, May 13, 2006

Writers Wanted for 'mind washing blog' -- not really

Here is a job opportunity for the Running Mates to sell some soap and sound off on all those pent up feel good stories.
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Writers for Pop City, a new e-magazine and Web site with features on economic development, technology and business, arts and culture, and remarkable people and places. The goal is to document the continuing transformation of Pittsburgh through lively articles that portray the authentic and thriving Pittsburgh. Contact editor at and log onto

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Mark Rauterkus said...

I don't think they'll be calling on Mike to craft the lead feature articles.

Mike is on a mission to get some investigation and coverage with the clergy abuse ills -- and in turn the corruption.

After 16 years my investigation is now officially put to rest. Certain individuals who have the wherewithal will now handle the details. The following will soon pay a hefty price for their negligence and in some cases willful criminal conduct:

Alfred Yates Attorney at Law

Law Firm of Behrend and Enesberger

Donald Wuerl

Ron Lenguin

William Scully

Tom Brletic

Muzz DiLinardo

And a host of others from Holy Spirit church in West Mifflin, PA as well as St. Clare of Assisi in Clairton, PA.

My next plan of attack is to warn the world about visiting Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Mon Valley and perhaps Pennsylvania in general. I will be sending out caution letters to travel agencies and convention and visitor centers nationwide about the level of corruption that is currently taking place throughout the commonwealth of PA.

I will especially target places such as Kennywood and Sandcastle as tourists attractions to avoid because of its central location in the Mon Valley, so close to McKeesport where crimes against children as well as the disappearance of children is treated like a joke. Families need to be made aware of just how dangerous an area can be where corruption of police and public officials is the norm.

I would also like to take this time to apologize to all the families from PA who have lost a loved one in the armed services. I’m so sorry that your loved ones died in vain. They gave their lives sadly, so that corrupt politicians and law enforcement officials could destroy the home towns that your loved ones died to protect.

I will not give up this fight until PA is clean from the corruption and decay that we have come to accept as business as usual. I also urge everyone who is reading this email to pass it on, pass it forward. Keeping people out of the Mon Valley is just another way of saving a child’s life possibly, or preventing another child from being the victim of a Satanic priest or unscrupulous law enforcement officials.

I urge everyone to caution out of town relatives and friends to stay out of PA until we see some significant changes.

I also plan to start a petition urging the state to close St. Clare of Assisi Parish in Clairton, PA (which may now be under a different name) as well as Holy Spirit Church in West, Mifflin, PA as nuisance churches fro allowing satanic behavior to occur as well as the protection of a known predator by the name of John Wellinger. Over the years I have talked to several members of both parishes and it is obvious that evil doing, criminal behavior and mobsters are running both churches. I will begin on Monday, May 15th circulating my petitions. Anyone who would like to help is welcome to call me or simply send an email.


Mike Ference

a.k.a. The Mon Dawn