Thursday, May 11, 2006

PLUM Students Walk Out In Protest At Plum HS - News - Students Walk Out In Protest At Plum HS ... About 60 students walked out of school in protest of the proposed 2006-2007 school budget.

In the new budget, students would have to pay a $50 participation fee to play sports or other activities.

Also, anywhere from six to 20 teachers positions could be eliminated.

School board officials said it is to help the district cut its budget, which is currently almost $2.2 million in the red.

The protesters said it's not fair to make the students have to compensate for the district's financial problems.

Student Sarah Urbanowicz said, 'We don't deserve to have our teachers cut who help us so much. This morning they told us we could write letters and stuff that would work but they didn't listen to us in the board meeting. Why would they listen to letters? We can't take this so we walked out.'

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