Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Developers pass -- but this isn't any 'bid' -- it is cronism, plain and avoidable

Of course developers are going to walk away. They are voting with their feet. People leave when things are not 'fair.' People depart when there isn't a 'square deal.' People don't want to be part of a hand-picked dance.

This is business. And, this is business with public officials and public assets. We should have called for a comprehensive public participation process.. We should be doing bids, sealed bids. We should have accountability with a set of specifications. We should make up our mind as to what fits, what is ideal, what we are willing to provide. Then we should accomidate all suitors.
Developer may pass up bid - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Developer may pass up bid for Fifth-Forbes job

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Yet another national retail developer appears to be losing interest in Pittsburgh's main retail corridor after spending months studying ways to bring the area back to life, Mayor Bob O'Connor said Monday.

Madison-Marquette, based in Washington, D.C., would become the fourth suitor to pass on remaking the area since 1999. A company spokesman declined to comment.

'I don't think Madison-Marquette is interested any more in the project,' O'Connor said.

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