Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Report deals Harrah's a strong hand - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Report deals Harrah's a strong hand - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review A Pittsburgh Planning Department report praised the location of a proposed Station Square casino, but doubted its ability to handle heavy traffic.
There is no way that the casino is going to generate heavy traffic. The Pens and the Pirates can't generate heavy traffic.

The flaw of the report might and the would-be casino builders might be found in the heavy traffic that could be generated with Duquesne University and its new basketball coach. The DU team is on the rise. That is a big source of heavy traffic -- that has NOT materialized in recent decades.

If the men's basketball -- or even women's team too (but we'll sit on that as a prediction) were to get hot, as they should be, then there would be serious troubles with the casino crowd with the Isle of Capri plan and location.

But who am I to defend the Planning Department for Pittsburgh. That group has done more damage to the city than any other, other than Tom Murphy, Cox, Leeper, and the ex-URA head, Buru, and ...

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. And, when you've got a failed plan to start with, you are sure to fail.

I suggested that the entire planning department be NUKED. Send them all to the private sector. Hire a traffic engineer and life in the city would improve.


Anonymous said...

Duquesne basketball will not get hot, nor will the women's team...haha

Mark Rauterkus said...

One service has reported that the Dukes have the 22nd best recruiting class in Division I basketball.

Brian C, old AD, is gone.

Danny N, old Men's Coach, is gone.

I predict: The Dukes will beat Pitt in 3 years. And, the Dukes will make the NCAA field in 5.

Look at Bradley University -- a place where I coached back when they were good before. Bradley did a rebound.

In the past, I never expected the Dukes to get better. Now, I have a different tune.

Women's hoops in the city is way behind the times.... That is bound to change some, just be getting with the times. In other places, there are some women's teams that out draw the men's squads.

Anonymous said...

Recruiting rating services don't win you championships.

Duquesne doesn't have the fans, facilities or the devotion to winning.

It will be same ol same ol at Duquesne for years. Just watch.

They are rated #22 because the rankings aren't "final"...when everyone is signed and ready to play they won't be near the top 25.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Listen to you and that logic.

I agree that "recruting services" don't win championships" -- but you say DU doesn't have the fans. What fan ever won a championship?

And, the devotion to winning has been absent -- and the people at DU that kept that lack of devotion are now ABSENT.

We want the Ol Duquesne back. The DUKES used to be great.

The facility is fine.

And, I didn't predict a CHAMPIONSHIP -- I said that they'd beat Pitt in due time and make the NCAA Big Dance. Hardly a title prediction.

And, the fans of Pittsburgh will support the team once they get in gear and play decent basketball.

JC Ernharth said...

I doin't know. I never underestimate the bad decisions likely to be made by average voter or the average consumer. Many play the PA / poweball lottery daily -- vs. odds so bad they'd make the average casino owner blush with shame. Roulette, by comparison, is guaranteed money.

Therefore, the prospects of slot casinos should never be underestimated. At least until all the money in the region has migrated someplace else.

There is one caveat, though: inflation is on the rise. Given a choice between eating and feeding the slot machine, a great many will choose to feed the family... Although, we are talking gambling... more than a few junkies gamble away their paycheck and the kids dinner each day around the U.S.

Mark Rauterkus said...

The rise in inflation is a great point. Thanks.

I'm saying that there won't be a MASSIVE RUSH of PEOPLE. I don't want to discount the money too much, as you are correct, it isn't proven (either good or bad). But, we do know that there are NOT a lot of people in the city and in the region. We are half the size we were. We are NOT a tourist destination like Niagra Falls nor Ocean City. We won't be flooded with people day in and day out -- morning, noon and night -- for seasons on end.

Anonymous said...

I'm really glad the city planners aren't making any mention of the possible athletic success program at Duquesne...that would be comical.

Mark Rauterkus said...

The casino planners didn't even know DU played its games right down the street from its new building.


This year, that's fine.