Wednesday, May 10, 2006

City seeks advertising dollars -- sooooo, Les Ludwig Won!

Les Ludwig was a candidate for Mayor in the Dem primary in May, 2005 -- just one year ago. He talked constantly about this very topic -- art-advertising income.

Do more with Les.

His idea took root more than a year ago on the County Council. Now it is getting serious attention on City Council's agenda.

Les Ludwig MUST be put onto this 'task force.' Les really extended the conversation on this front and he has to be included. And, if I was Luke Ravenstahl, I'll give Les a big, public pat on the back and make him the first official appointment to this committee. And, give him special emeritus status too.
City seeks advertising dollars, sponsorships The City-County Building will not bear a corporate logo, and Schenley Park won't be renamed for a bank, but the City of Pittsburgh is preparing to solicit advertising dollars.

City Council today unanimously approved Council President Luke Ravenstahl's legislation creating a committee to look into selling ads on city buildings, ballfields, street furniture, cable programs and Web pages, as well as other means of reeling in corporate dollars.

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Anonymous said...


Thanks for the update on this fundraising issue. I had regular talks with Bill Peduto about this issue about a year before he announced his candidacy for Mayor.

It was on city council's agenda about a year ago but the issue was reduced to advertising solely on ballpark fences...who almost no one looks at, unless their kids are playing that particular day.

We spoke of selling advertising on garbage men's jump suits and other avenues. He didn't like it when I suggested we sell the naming rights to Schenley Park if someone wanted to pay for it. But it must be considered.

In addition, state Representative Harry Readshaw wrote a letter to then-Mayor Murphy on my behalf about five years ago when we spoke about it. However, as expected, Murphy didn't do anything.

I also hoped to get on that board, but as we ALL know, only cronies get on those boards.