Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Councilmen propose more reform efforts - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Councilmen propose more reform efforts - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Peduto wants to ban council members from giving some of their annual $85,000 in discretionary spending to neighborhood groups. A second amendment would require all elected city officials to produce office expense reports every Dec. 31, which would become public within a month.
Why not do TRANSPARENT Accounts -- like the banks do TRUSTS now. Then everyone at any time could see into the accounts.

Next, why not worry more about the PAC and Campaign Finance Reform. That is a big worry too and Peduto has fumbled the ball on that for nearly 2 years now. Let's get serious Bill.

Next why only one report a year? Then it is public record in 30 days. Close the account 30-days before the year ends. You should not be spending money in December.


Anonymous said...

Nominations sought for city ethics panel

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

City Councilman William Peduto urged his colleagues yesterday to submit candidates for the long-dormant city Ethics Hearing Board.

The five-member board is supposed to investigate alleged misconduct by city officials or employees. Created by 1991 legislation, it hasn't had any members for around a decade, he said.

Mayor Bob O'Connor has said he will submit the two nominees allotted to him within weeks. He chooses the other three nominees from a list of nine submitted by council. All members are then confirmed by council.

Councilman Doug Shields called the board redundant and unnecessary, as the State Ethics Commission already has jurisdiction over city officials and employees.

PtBreeze said...

I think Doug Shields is redundant and unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

Doug Shields is one of the better council members down there.

Anonymous said...

On this council, that's not saying much.