Thursday, May 11, 2006

Locals Lead with Logic from Lessons Learned

Firms' familiarity breeds attempts - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 'If you look at what's happening Downtown, local people are making it happen,' O'Connor said. 'Any investor is welcome, but local people seem to be the ones coming up with the best ideas.'
Of course the locals are going to be the ones best suited to fix our problems.

Pittsburgh has had a great fall. The locals along with the king's men and king's horses have to be engaged with the rebuilding.

The ones that come up with the best ideas come from anywhere and everywhere -- really. In an open-source model -- that can be locals, but it can be anyone under the sun. Every comment is taken.

So, we have a core of prime developers -- but we still need to have that public process.

I'd love to see that contract being let from the URA to Urban Design Associates as to what is going to be expected from the strategic plan.

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