Monday, February 26, 2007

[412] Two film opportunities from a swim coach in six races, TalkShoe on Tuesday Movie on Thursday

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[412] Two film opportunities from a swim coach in six races, TalkShoe on Tuesday Movie on Thursday [412] Two film opportunities from a swim coach in six races, TalkShoe on Tuesday Movie on Thursday

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Independent Lens . CAN MR. SMITH GET TO WASHINGTON ANYMORE? . Jeff Smith | PBS After filming ended for CAN MR. SMITH GET TO WASHINGTON ANYMORE?, Smith taught government at Dartmouth College. He returned to St. Louis and decided to run again for Senate, this time for Missouri’s fourth district, which lies in St. Louis City. Smith’s campaign utilized many of the grassroots mobilization tactics he employed during his first run for Senate. In 2006, he won the Senate seat with a sweeping victory, and was inaugurated on January 3, 2007.

WQED Schedule for the movie:

Independent Lens: Can Mr. Smith Get to Washington Anymore?
Tuesday, February 27, 10:30 pm

Additional viewing: Thursday, March 1, 3:30 am

WQED Link: WQED Pittsburgh: TV Independent Lens

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Mark Rauterkus said...

full email reposted:

Hi Friends,

Details on two different community engagements follow. Both have a
film / movie connection and come without charges. Thanks for the

- - - -

Tuesday night (in less than 24 hours) WQED 13 (one of our public
broadcasting stations) is slated to show a new film at 10:30 pm about "Mr. Smith Going to Washington." It covers a real-life guy (a teacher) who jumps into politics and decides to run for US Congress. He is from Iowa. They pulled together a grass-roots campaign and made a movie
about the experience. He doesn't get elected within the film's
campaign. However, later he ran for another seat and has since been
elected. I've not seen the movie, but it shoud be good. Let's watch it together.

>From the comfort of your own home, you can join me and others in a
"LIVE BLOGGING Exercise" while the show airs tonight. Check the
details at

Tuesday, Feb 29, 2007 -- site opens at 10 pm, show begins at 10:30 pm.
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Talkcast ID: 3181

You'll need to get a TalkShoe ID to get into the 'chat room'. Come
early and we'll shoot the breeze. Ttext chat from a computer also
happens via both my blog and with the TalkShoe site. Our conversation
then becomes a PODCAST.

The focus -- of course -- is HOW TO RUN FOR PUBLIC OFFICE.

If I can run for six offices this year, as a Libertarian, then perhaps you can run for one. Running Mates are being recruited.

- - - -

On Thursday (March 1, 2007) at 7:30 pm, I'd love for you to join me,
my family and some of our swimming friends at a special showing of a
not-yet-release movie, PRIDE. I have a batch of vouchers for two --
without charge.

This Hollywood movie (from Lions Gate Studio) has a public release
date of March 23, 2007. But on Thursday night, March 1, at 7:30 pm, there will be a pre-release showing for a special audience. The story is about a Pittsburgh native who moved to Philly and coaches inter city swimmers with the Philly Park District. The movie is about a
coach (Jim Ellis), his athletes and team, the community and SWIMMING.
I think it is going to be like the football movie: Remember The Titans
-- but for swimming. Watch the trialer.

One of the SuperBowl commercials promoted the movie, Pride. It is
inspired by true events. The movie is rated PG.

There is no charge to attend on Thursday. But, you have to have a
voucher. And, even with a voucher -- there is no guarantee that seats
are going to be available. It is a first-come, first served basis.
This is a premiere, Pittsburgh promotion. The cinema is going to be over booked. I've got more than 70 passes that I'm dishing out to
those that want to attend.

To attend the movie -- send me an email (Mark at or call my cell phone: 412 298 3432. I only have a limited number of vouchers.
First come, first served. I'll want to speak with you so I can get you
the voucher (for two) in plenty of time to get in line that night.

Each voucher is for two people. But the vouchers are only good as
seats are available. No guarantees with me getting you a voucher. Nor
are there any guarantees with you getting a seat at the cinema once
you have voucher.

Vouchers are for the cinema in Homestead at the Waterfront.

Thursday night is a rough night for a movie geared to swimmers as the
WPIAL Swim Meet occurs on both Thursday and Friday this week. The
WPIAL Swimmers with Friday events won't be headed to a movie that
night -- I hope. Good luck swimmers!

When the movie does open to the public, I hope to host a community
forum at a local theater and have invited speakers there to address
various elements of the movie. We'll cover lessons Pittsburgh should learn -- and touch upon the academic achievement gap among students from different backgrounds in our city and region.

If you can't make it Thursday, or if I run out of passes -- then watch your email for the next invite later this month. Once the movie is released we'll schedule another date and arrange to have a panel discussion after the show.


Mark Rauterkus Mark at
412 298 3432 = cell

Sign the petition to help save Ohio Univ. Men's Swimming & Diving

* Talkcast Name: Heavy Or Not
* Host: Mark Rauterkus - Mark at
* Next episode: Live blogging of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,
Tue, February 27, 2007 10:00 PM EST
The show airs on WQED at 10:30 pm. We'll host a conversation
while it airs, and share thoughts after the show finishes.
* Phone number: (724) 444-7444
* Talkcast ID: 3181
* PIN: The phone number or 10-digit PIN you signed up with

Advance showing of the Movie: Pride. 7:30 PM on Thursday, March 1,
2007 at Homestead's Waterfront Cinemas. Voucher needed. First come
first served, no guarantee of voucher nor seats even with a voucher.
Arrive early.

Okay to forward this email to others. Okay to promote the events as
well. Okay to opt-out of this list too, but you need to tell me your
email address.