Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Myron Cope To Lemieux: Keep Pens In Pittsburgh - News

Triple Yoy! Money has never been my god either. You betcha.
Myron Cope To Lemieux: Keep Pens In Pittsburgh - News Cope continued to try to persuade Lemieux by writing, 'Perhaps unfairly, I'm asking that you disregard bottom-line offers and keep the Pens here, simply because it's the right thing to do.'

Cope ended his letter to Lemieux with, 'Money has never been my God. Never.'
Time, however, has been my master, now and then.

Sports are nothing but games of time, space and relationship, so wrote a wise friend and author, Keven DeForrest.

With the floor falling at the Convention Center, I think that the Stadium and Exhibition Authority, as well as Dan Onorato, have other matters to attend to. So, I expect that the Pens will visit Houston and review the offers on the table from elsewhere.

Monkey's might come sailing out of that hole before we hear again from good old State Senator and SEA Board Member, Wayne Fontana, who said last week, "We haven't heard anything. So that must be a good sign."

This week the MSM had its video cameras targeted by the government-hired thugs -- as they more than frowned on my tiny camera in packed rooms at hearings two weeks ago.

Well, I think that the meltdown at the Convention Center is going to make for a deep freeze in the Pens talks about a new arena.

I've got a full-court rant brewing about the Convention Center for tomorrow.

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Thomas Leturgey said...

Myron says some stuff that should have been said some time ago. He's one of the best we've got in the area.