Sunday, February 25, 2007 Soars to MAC Championship

When I was a swim coach in the MAC -- there were ten teams in the league. Next year the league won't even be able to have its own conference championship swim meet. How sad.

There were teams at Toledo, Western Michigan, Central Michigan, Kent State, Bowling Green State University, Northern Illinois. Marshall was NOT in the league when I was there, but we swam them in a meet and MU would be in and out of the MAC since then. Soars to MAC Championship 2007 MAC Swimming and Diving Championship
1. EMU 1008.5
2. Miami 801.5
3. Ohio 584.5
4. Buffalo 378
5. Ball State 349.5

The opportunities for guys to swim is much worse now than it was in the past. We're going backwards. That sucks.

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