Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Live Blogging of tonight's TV show: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

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WQED Schedule for the movie:

Independent Lens: Can Mr. Smith Get to Washington Anymore?
Tuesday, February 27, 10:30 pm

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WQED Link: WQED Pittsburgh: TV Independent Lens


Mark Rauterkus said...

Additional viewing: Thursday, March 1, 3:30 am

Anonymous said...

Paul S wrote:
Greetings Mark,

last year or so, I think it was on Independent Lens, a woman whose father was a politician at one time, decided to run for her state rep position against an entrenched incumbent;

REALLY against the odds;
I think it was in the mid-west; it was rural, small towns, etc.

The camera followed her around, a good documentary-style;
"person-to-person"; small town to small town....... and she won!

It was totally cool;
and reminded me greatly of the thoroughly grass-roots struggle and
perseverence of the folks in the NO-WeHave Opposition action.


Anonymous said...

Hello, Mark, I seldom watch TV anymore -- but I sure enjoyed seeing the show about Jeff Smith. I was glad you told Myra who told me.
Mary Beth T.