Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tonight's meeting at the Market House begins at 7:30 pm

From Market House

Bev of the South Side Slopes Assn wrote an email that reminded us:
Meeting tonight regarding South Side Bar Task Force:

Wednesday, February 28th
City of Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl
7:30 p.m. Market House, 1 Bedford Square

Please join Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, Councilman Jeff Koch and the South Side Community Council for a Town Hall Meeting to address community concerns about the bars on East Carson Street.

Prior to the meeting, all speakers must sign up by contacting Josette Fitzgibbons at 412-255-0760 or via email at

Other invited officials: Pat Ford, Deputy Director of Economic and Community Development; Ron Graziano, Chief of Bureau of Building Inspection; Nathan Harper, Chief of Police; Larry Ross, Commander Zone 3 Police; George Specter, Acting City Solicitor; Jeremy Smith, Zoning Administrator; and Kim Graziani, Director of Neighborhood Initiatives.

South Side Neighborhood Plan Survey due today:

Every 15203 resident was mailed a survey from the Brashear Association a couple of weeks ago, which includes a survey. I am not sure if you noticed the return deadline of today. It came with a return envelope that you did not have to pay postage. If you forgot to fill it out, please do so and return it today! This is important for the Neighborhood Plan update.


Agent Ska said...

What exactly ARE the concerns? That we have a thriving urban area with successful bars? or that the neighbors feel put out by the noise? I can understand both sides. Mark, did you go to this?

Mark Rauterkus said...

Went to the meeting. Wanted to speak. But that is another matter.

The concerns are grave. There are serious problems that have been ignored for far too long.

I don't like the ideas of DUI Checkpoints, a new BID (Business Improvement District), new task force, new zoning measures, new losses of freedoms. But, enough is enough.

The level of responsibility for the patrons of the bars is way out of hand. Damage to property and quality of life are over the top.

I have a lot of this on digital files and I hope to get them up in the next day or two.

Anonymous said...

That survey is a total waste.

I bet the meeting was too. Hot air and no solutions.

Little Luke is trying to earn votes. Too little, too late for me.

Mark, tell us more about the meeting..did you tape it?

Mark Rauterkus said...

It is too little. It is too late. And, yes, I did do some audio recording. But, I don't think I'll be able to get to it today.

Perhaps this weekend it will go online.