Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Main Page - Debatepedia

Adam R, fellow Libertarian in Pittsburgh, a prime helper in the establishment of the wiki, had a vision of doing this type of site (debates on a wiki) a few years ago. Now, the concept has come into being. It is worth the visit.
Main Page - Debatepedia Debatepedia is the new free wiki encyclopedia of arguments and debates. As a 'wiki', it enables anyone (you included) to easily present and organize the unique arguments made by third-party sources (ie. by scholars, experts, leaders,...) on both sides of a debate. By providing an innovative 'logic tree' debate methodology, it enables you to organize debates in the most understandable way. Debatepedia is quickly becoming an indispensable resource for uncovering all the unique arguments in important public debates and for developing a complete and rational position.

The organizational framework deployed is interesting. The categories of debate documents occurs, in part, by quality.
  1. "new debate skeletons"

  2. "progressing debate resources"

  3. "very good debate documents"

  4. "definitive debate documents".

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