Tuesday, February 20, 2007

They are trying to tell us what to think. Gallop Polling Sucks

Ken wrote, in part:
Pajamas Media has decided to rig their own poll. Despite the fact that Ron Paul has come in first for the last several weeks (43.3% last week, with #2 getting only 20.1%), they have changed their policy to say, "From this point on, our weekly poll will be updated to those national candidates of both parties that score at least one percent on the previous month's Gallup Poll." Of course Gallop has not been including Ron Paul in their poll. Ergo, no Ron Paul.

This is the exact same dirty trick that was used against me in 2002 when
I ran for Pennsylvania governor. It's deja vu all over yet again.
Ken was a candidate for PA Governor in 2002. He didn't post that Gallop Polling sucks. That is my opinion.

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