Monday, February 19, 2007

Ex-aide for Michael Diven, an ex-State Rep and ex-member of Council and ex-Dem, gets probation

Ex-Diven aide gets probation - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Ex-Diven aide gets probation
I don't see the word "guilty" in this news coveage.

Furthermore, I don't see the other bit of background info that should be present. Debora Lynn Romaniello is the wife of an elected Pgh Public School Board Member, Mr. Romaniello, D.

Was this a plea? The judge granted.

I'm still not sure who did the deed? Did a volunteer sign the names and she just had the bad luck of being the one to take them to the notary? Did she sign the bad names?

This entire dead person on a petition ordeal has a chilling effect for folks getting onto the ballot. Meanwhile, election fraud happens and is serious. However, it seldom comes with punishments and real investigations.

I'll email Bobby Kerlik and ask what's up -- really.


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Mark Rauterkus said...

I've talked to the reporter on this.

Yes, it seems that I was right.

A guilty verdict has not been handed down.

But, he says that there is another name that was NOT put into the article. Other things got cut from the news in the newspaper such as the connection to the PPS Board Member.

And, I still think that there is a big chill that comes with this entire issue.

Furthermore, the DA could still press charges about the forged names.

It is weirdness, again, with many aspects of our democratic process.