Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Harken: Update On The Mayor's Race Debates

The Busman's Holiday: Update On The Mayor's Race Debates 'Councilman Bill Peduto told me 'Bob and I understood the importance of getting the message out to the people and doing it, not through sound bites, but through standing and debating the issues. And I'm hoping that Luke will join me in having a series of eight televised debates, just like Bob O'Connor and I did.''

Main Page - PittsburghPlatform Bob O'Connor's quote about campaigns comes alive within the wiki,
'Pittsburghers deserve to know where the candidates stand on the issues,' said Bob O'Connor on his campaign web site in November, 2005.
Bob was right.
Right on.
Good for Bill Peduto in trying to kick it into high gear.

KQV, WQED, Urban League, Jewish Foundation, KDKA TV, WPXI, and the Pgh Business Times -- as well as scores of others, need to get on board too.

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