Monday, February 26, 2007

Faith and Fortitude vs. HOG WASH

Various attempts of spreading hogwash thought have been on the upswing in a few instances around the blogosphere.

Here is a peek at what I mean from a prior posting in a thread at the Admiral's site. Hogwash looks like this, "As many believe, the winner of this election will be in office a minimum of 10 years."

Smitty from the flats, some unknown person, posted that gem. Give Pittsburgh a break from the know-it-all future telling.

First of all, the winner of the May 2007 D's primary (mayor's race Bill Peduto vs. Luke Ravenstahl) gets to be in the general election in November. PERIOD. And, the winner of the 2007 general race in November gets to take the oath of office in January 2008. Period TWO.
Hurdle for members of the old parties (Ds and Rs). Get the endorsement and party backing. But, the endorsement isn't a go or no-go hurdle. Candidates can continue without the party endorsement.

Hurdle for members of the D and R parties: The primary election in May. Only the winner of the primary can advance to the general election.

Hurdle: Getting elected to the office means winnng the November general election. In the general election, the old-party candidates get to meet with Libertarians, Greens, Indies and others, if they show up.

Smitty, as proof, could you show us the archives on the web that prove to us all how YOU predicted the death of Bob O'Connor???? After we see that, then I'll feel an ounce of confidence in your statement is anything but hogwash and a 10-year done deal mind sink.

Then anonymous asked of Matt Preston and Bill Peduto, "What are you waiting for?"

Duhh..... They are waiting for 2009. Chill. Be cool. Going hyper and off the handle could be the death of Peduoto's long-term career and long-term campaign(s).

No doubt, Peduto (and us all) have to work on statements, messages, leadership and relationships. But life takes many turns.

One needs faith.

One of the last things in life that Bill Peduto needs is me coming to his defense on how he should operate his campaign, in his attempt to be my mayor. But this advice isn't so much for Bill, but for his supporters. Be strong, honest, direct and leave the wine at the vineyards.

Meanwhile, at the PG's early returns thingie (sorta like a blog), they posted a new factor for the race. A NEW hinge. A new tipping point. A new pressure point. Hark, the internet has been discovered: Web masters.

More on hogwash and my reaction to it can be found in the Oocomment utility on the left side of this blog. Clicking there takes browsers to many of my postings on many of the other threads I've posted to.

Get the signatures to enter the race and be on the ballot. No dead people should sign. The Ds and Rs have to have members of their party sign the nomination petitions. Meanwhile, those who run as Libertarians, for example, can have any eligible voter that resides in the district sign the nomination papers.

Once the nomination petitions or nomination papers are put into the election department, then comes a period of about one week when challenges can be made. People get tossed off the ballot all the time for many different reasons. The practice is standard among un-democratic democrats seeking to retain power and who are fearful of letting the people decide with the instrument of the vote.

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