Thursday, February 08, 2007

Cash Is King thread among political calls for a slate

LibertySlate08 has been talking about 'cash is king' in terms of candidates. My reply to them:
I've got an approach with finances and being a candidate.

Rule #1. Don't burn out.
Rule #2. Don't spend what you don't have.

Keep balance in your life. Keep your day job. Keep your spouse, kids and care to your aging relations in good order. And, be prudent.
From people & vips
Stand for office. Don't run for it.

Announce early. Make time on your side. It is hard to play catch-up when you are so far behind but have so little to invest and such a long spot at getting elected.

If you want the job and the pay check -- get into the dominant party.
I know I can't win the seat as a Libertarian. But, I can win the war on ideas. I can win on the Internet. I can win on certain media cycles. I can win in a debate. And, many of my ideas are going to be embraced by my challengers -- if not this time, then next.

I can get into the race and make the race affordable for others.

I can get into the race and shape the discussions. When something stupid is said -- it won't be repeated when I'm in the race. They'll have to come up with new material -- and they do -- the next night or press release. I can counter then and there -- at the candidate forum. Or, with a press release of my own. And, I document things for history's sake once they get elected -- as my job isn't done after election day.

I think a challenger needs to fight the campaign on both the rational and emotional fronts. There are times for each. Schmooze at a social event. Be academic at the times when its called for. Know your audience. Go with the flow. Give respect -- and then you get respect.

Finally -- the internet is where we need to thrive.

There used to be a concept of the "paper campaign" or "paper candidate." Now it is a digital candidate.

And with podcasting and blogs -- this can be a time to put up a good challenge without going to spend a life's fortune.

Get a trusted crew of others. TRUSTED crew. Your friends hurt you worse than your enemies. Everyone needs "running mates." You'll need to lean on others and have others cover you. But you really have to have these relationships forged with strength before you go out on a limb yourself. Loyalty and dependability matters. You'll generate some heat -- and you'll want others who are well grounded and can deflect some, take some and ride the waves with a long-term zeal to giggle at this in 10 years together. Power and motivations from people can be a freak out for many. You've got to dance with trouble makers -- but keep them contained. Get their comments and input on paper.

I think we need to make history, not be a slave of it. A voter / citizen / public outrage is brewing. It is going to take a lot of folks to fan these fires. You can play a role.

Even when running isn't a good fit for you -- there are lots of other ways to help.

HOSTING CANDIDATE nights for all candidates, a PAN PARTISAN forum on issues, with church groups, with civic clubs, with library groups, with industry friends is WELL WORTH THE EFFORTS and good will that results. Collaborate with the local League of Women Voters (low priority), a radio station, a student government group, neighborhood groups, a union. Then put out the call to ALL CANDI ATES. Put the light on them -- and some will melt. That's good work. That's heavy lifting that comes from folks who are NOT candidates.

Finally -- if you want to get bold -- run for special elections. Run in a primary against an opponent -- and team up on the incumbent from the other party.

Do outreach to other candidates in the area in in different areas. I was running for PA Senate and really did so as I wanted to help with Russ Diamond for Governor and Bill Ogden for State Rep. The interplay among different candidates going for different seats in the same cycles can present a lot of fun, insights and dynamics for change.
From people & vips
I pulled out of the race after 32 minutes before the judge. But -- I couldn't be on the hook for court costs and attorney fees and all that B.S. from their playbook. But, this time they thought to challenge me as they knew I was a threat. There is some victory in that -- because I'm still not in debt. I bet my opponent spent $20,000 just to cause me grief. I'm still on the high road, and not in the red.

Finally, you never know what the future will bring. People die. DAs do file charges.

We all suffer greatly when there are no choices on the ballot on election days.

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