Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Karma of Metroblogging Pittsburgh hints at hostilities

Metroblogging Pittsburgh: Rauterkus thinks he is important in this city


How about: "Rauterkus thinks. What is important in this city?" Better yet, substitute "county" or "region" instead of 'city.'

I think wellness is important. I think dissent is important. I think a sustained discussions on topics and issues are important. Talking about ideas is far more important than personality.

My reply to the Metroblog wasn't able to be posted, for whatever reasons. The reply there was to be:

Thanks for the mentions.

Let's list all the things that Dan Onorato has done for wellness and health in this county.

1. Hired 3 more food inspectors (announced yesterday, employed later).



Go nuts. You tell me, if you can. I'm open to suggestions.

FWIW, I think I know my role, my value and my "importance" in our times and places. Your advice, "please stop," has been taken under consideration. I'll stop after I have witness to approaches, solutions, interactions and candidates that I can be proud of. I'd like to tell my children and their peers that Pittsburgh is a great place to build quality lives for themselves.


McArdle said...

Your comment wasn't posted because I decided that my post was unnecessarily mean and deleted it. You will notice that it no longer appears on the page, and you can only find it by direct link (as here). I am sorry for denying you the opportunity to respond, but more so for writing it in the first place.

Mark Rauterkus said...


Thanks for yanking the post. And, thanks for the comment above.

I often need a 'cooling off period' on issues and postings. Not this one, but on other things. Many times a comment sits in my out-box for a night -- and never get posted. Oh well....

I'll need to move the Onorato and health / wellness list to another thread. :)