Monday, February 12, 2007

Mark Roosevelt on the web with Jon Delano -- fine programming

It was great to be able to watch the Sunday Business Edition on KDKA TV on the web. Nice use of technology and video blogging to sustain the conversation.

My note to J.D.:

Thanks for the interview with Mark Roosevelt. I watched online. Nice.

IMHO, the Pittsburgh Promise is a bold face lie. We can't get the respect of the kids when they know they are being lied to.

Roosevelt will be gone before this proves to be but a dream. (Nothing personal. Fact: The average job tenure for school superintendents is about three years. These guys and gals come and go faster than a rash of pink eye.)

Plus, the city's student population is departing as well.

Furthermore, the stessing of discipline is welcomed. But, why wait until next year?

This is the year of the lie and next year the year to be stern?

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