Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Peduto: "I'd feel more comfortable if the FEDS were involved." (concerning the Convention Center problems)

On the Honz show, KDKA-Radio, Bill Peduto said, "I'd feel more comfortable if the Feds were involved."

So, you like the Feds, asked Honz Man.

It is not that I like the Feds, but I like the oversight.

This is a small town. But, even our biggest problems within our small town need to be resolved by the big players within our town.

I don't want to wish for the Feds to come in and fix our oversight. I want locals in position that have the foresight and integrity to guarantee localized oversight.

Honz Man is bucking that Mary C, the executive director of the Sports & Exhibition Authority, should be fired. She kept the news hidden from both the mayor and the county executive.

Honz Man, a big-government Republican, said that Peduto's idea isn't bad.

One year ago there was another beam separation. Beams should have been inspected then. Duhh.

Back then, Luke Ravenstahl may or may not have been on the Stadium and Exhibition Authority Board. Did that board have any hand in the cover up?

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