Sunday, February 11, 2007

Colaizzi seeks seat on city council

Stepping stone. There has to be a song about this????

I don't like our kids being used as stepping stones. I think that an elected posiion on the Pgh Public School's board should be terminal. A change in the city's charter is in order. Once one is a school board member, he or she should NOT be eligible to run for any other elected post. Board members would not be eligible for the ballot for a period of five years following their exit from the school board seat. Then, people will serve on the school board for the right reasons. Then the tone and mission of the board would change to everyone's favor -- not just that of the special interests and powerful.
Colaizzi seeks seat on city council Pittsburgh school board member Theresa Colaizzi yesterday said she will challenge City Council President Doug Shields in the May 15 primary.

Ms. Colaizzi, 46, of Greenfield, said she would ask the Allegheny County Democratic Committee to endorse her in the District 5 council race. Mr. Shields is seeking re-election to council, but he's also running for city controller.

Ms. Colaizzi is serving her second term on the school board.
I understand that my wish is but a fleeting prayer.

From a PIIN meeting in the past.
people & vips

The move from Colaizzi is a brush back pitch to C. O'Connor. That isn't a bad thing.

Finally, for now, I can't get that whispy bangs comment (from aother blogger) out of my head given that T.C. is a hairdresser.


Matt H said...

People should be able to run for whatever they want no matter what position they already hold. Doesn't sound too American to me any other way.

Mark Rauterkus said...

These rules are part of the landscape of our political process now.

There are term limits. The PA Gov can only serve two terms. Same too with US President.

This is another type of limit. Limits to governement are all over the place -- and VERY American.

People who work in the White House can't be eligible for a lot of other types of work after their employement there ends. That's very American.

I'd rather limit those in POWER POSITIONS and not those who are powerless.