Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Allegheny County Health Department draws focus - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

This blog does more to insure wellness than the County Executive does. And, the power of the Health Department is on his side. Looks like the department has the same sickness as Bob Casey's who hopes for the best by not showing up for work. The work ethic is in the pits. The hope of the workers is even lower due to their crushing challenges. And, Dan Onorato doesn't really care.

I would look forward to being the County Executive to have the opportunity to make radical advancements of common-sense knowledge among citizens, business and the public with the Health Department's assistance.

Read this blog and you'll learn to wash mellons. Recent posts also pointed to the wonders about the Taco Bell in NYC, etc., etc.

It is great that the leadership and management of the health department is now going to be a campaign issue. Wonderful topic. Let the discussions begin with him and continue with the Running Mates.
Allegheny County Health Department draws focus - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review County Councilman Matt Drozd said he was '90 percent sure' that Onorato plans to hire more health inspectors. The county has 13 full-time inspectors.

'My question is, why didn't he do anything about it as soon as he got into office? He was the controller who did the audit. It's just common sense,' Drozd said.

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