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Official Home of the Pittsburgh Penguins: PENGUINS FANS CONTINUE TO FLOCK TO MELLON ARENA
Team says it doesn't need a new arena. Asks city for decade worth of five annual parades instead.

The city's Labor, Veterans, St. Pats, First Night and the Great Race events are all on the table for possible name changes and possible sponsorship windfalls to the Penguins.

From Pens Village

Development rights to land around the Civic Arena isn't nearly as attractive to the Pens management and owners. The team has more confidence of getting cooperation and cash by collecting tolls from both participants and parade marchers at the big annual events.

Projections of five parades for ten years gives the Pens 50 events to capitalize upon. If each event nets the team $3-million, they'll be able to bankroll a savings account with compounded interest, seeing its nest egg grow for a future down-payment on a new parking garage and escalators. Plus the team will still be able to splurge in the expected purchases of refrigerators to chill beer at Mellon Arena by the face-off of next season, despite the extended warranty of the present units.

Should the Pens make the NHL playoffs, all post-season games for the next 10 years are to be played in Kansas City. This clause, negotiated by Luke Ravenstahl, will save the city of costly overtime expenses.

In related news, Don Barden, owner of Majestic Star slots parlor, pledges his $350-million investment to the Hill District to go into a new trolly line. "We'll build on the idea first floated by the late mayor, Bob O'Connor, as he launched his successful 2005 mayor campaign." The line will connect the edge of Oakland, to Oak Hill, and the rest of the Hill District to a turn-around at the edge of Downtown.

The back and forth line will be built in the street along with stops, bike path and lighted sidewalks. All homeowners and students who live in the city can obtain a lifetime pass to ride the new trolly without charge after paying for a one-time $100 fee and getting its assocated retina scan.

New trolly will provide a new backbone for increased development to the Hill and core of the city.
From Pens Village

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Mark Rauterkus said...

Notebook: Pens' improved play brings bigger crowds - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review At this rate, the Penguins might need a new Uptown arena for no other reason than to meet fans' desire to watch the upstart hockey club.

OR, the Pens might not need a new arena to get fans to the games. The old arena is just fine. The team can invest its money on talented coaching and players who are capable and motivated to win games.