Saturday, April 14, 2007

Chatter with, to and about Bill Peduto

Hi Bill,

Remember the open letter I sent you about campaign finance reform's yet unfinished work?

Other issues.

It would be good to talk to you.

What about the closed Neville Ice Rink? Care to help?

There are dozens of issues we should have a conversation about.

Please call.
I will mark - please give me time to first meet with my supporters - I owe it... (... snip ... blog cut... )
Bill did write back to me, again. That's good. My reply:

You're decompressing. But, I'm gearing up. However, on April 28, my family and I head to New Zealand until June 9. Then I'm into summer swimming season at Crafton.

Plus, none of your supporters are running for County Executive & Mayor.

And, my slate of candidates is now up to 12! I think (... snip ... blog cut... ). He is a great candidate, and we'll see how Twanda does -- if she emerges.

This week: On Tuesday, 7 pm at Phillips School on the South Side, Sarah Street, I'm hosting a meeting among any interested community members to talk about the city's RFP about Neville Ice Rink. Can you send some supporters over there? Any hockey friends?

Furthermore, another meeting is slated for on Thursday night at 9 pm on the same topic. Sign up with to get a PIN.

Second Open Web / Phone Conference: 9 pm on Thursday, April 19 at

To join the live phone call conference, call: (724) 444-7444 - Talkcast ID: 3177

Surf to and "sign up" for a TalkShoe "PIN" (personal identification number) before the session. It is easy and free. Then you can join the conversation with only a telephone call.

Questions, insights and tips about getting onto the agenda, please call or email Mark Rauterkus,, 412 298 3432 = cell.

Finally, my $.02 tip for tonight. I think you should gear to a switch to Indie on Jan 1, 2009. But, you've got to have a pit bull in the race in the D primary in 2009.
I've been put off before. I'm patient. But, I really don't like it when those on Grant Street don't return phone calls. And, I'm sorta relentless.

There has been a bit of chatter at some of the other blogs about Peduto, again, about the final decision for the 2007 general election. All in all, there is now a wedge problem. In a nutshell, some need to get wedgies.

My neighbor's pet name for one of my kids is 'Wedge.' He calls the other 'Spike.' Simple tools. Effective. Efficient. Other simple tools: ballots, votes, word-of-mouth.

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