Saturday, April 14, 2007

Official: No Slots Money For Schools In 2007-08

No slots for tots, yet. We are still holding our breath. We are turning blue. - Official: No Slots Money For Schools In 2007-08 Slot-machine gambling in Pennsylvania will not provide enough revenue to allow school districts to cut property taxes for the 2007-08 school year, Gov. Ed Rendell's top budget official said Friday.

The state budget secretary, Mike Masch, made the legally required certification in a letter to Education Secretary Gerald Zahorchak, disappointing some state gambling regulators who had hoped that the reductions would be possible in the coming school year.

Masch also used the opportunity to press the case for an increase in the state sales tax, as Rendell proposed in February as a way to offset further cuts in rapidly rising school taxes.
What about money for the budget for the City of Pgh? Wasn't there money expected in 2007? Didn't the OVERLORDS insist that money be put into the mix? Will some of the windfall come just for the sale of the license, even though the slots parlor isn't earning a nickle yet.

Other sites are making money. Other sites have paid for their license too. I'm not even sure if Barden's $50-million was given to the state yet since there are legal challenges.

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