Friday, April 13, 2007 Rock Settles Title IX Suit -

The trend here is to NOT make 2nd class citizens. Meanwhile, don't end up with 3rd class citizens either.

The other trend is to do the option that is one step better than the worst possible option. I hate those types of decisions. I really hate them when it comes to education. Education needs to be about being right on. Education should be about excellence. Rock Settles Title IX Suit - In Pennsylvania, Slippery Rock University, agreed to set aside $300,000 to enhance women's sports and be monitored for three years to ensure compliance with Title IX. The suit followed a July ruling by the U.S. District Judge Donetta Ambrose that the school must reinstate women's water polo and swimming.

The Women's Law Project's Susan Frietsche explained, 'The school has agreed not to treat their women athletes as second-class citizens and they deserve credit for this settlement as well.

'A banner day for college swimming!' proclaimed CSCAA Executive Director Phillip Whitten, who also added, “Presumably Ms Fietsche was not comparing them to the male swimmers who, if the women swimmers were second-class citizens, surely must be reckoned as third-class citizens.'

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