Friday, April 13, 2007

Mayors are bird-brains! - Hockey - Mayors are bird-brains! OTTAWA -- Ottawa Mayor Larry O'Brien took his friendly NHL playoff rivalry with the mayor of Pittsburgh to a new level yesterday when he declared the nation's capital a penguin-free zone. As part of the shenanigans, O'Brien had arranged for a person in a penguin costume to interrupt the meeting and accost him.

After a brief struggle, two police officers arrested and handcuffed the over sized bird.

Word soon reached the office of Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl. After receiving photos of the penguin's arrest, Ravenstahl's office forwarded the pictures to a zoologist at the Pittsburgh Zoo - one of the most respected zoos in the U.S.

'In the zoologist's professional opinion, this was not a penguin,' said Dick Skrinjar, Ravenstahl's director of communications. 'It's a kiwi. So your mayor has made a mistake.'
I'm not going to pick on the Kiwi in this blog. That would be bad form as we're headed to New Zealand in two weeks.

But, let's review. Here is a Penguin. He lives on the North Side.
From Logos

Here is a Penguin mascot taken from a fan's blog. They crap on the neighborhoods called The Hill District.

Here is a photo of a building that the Penguins had covered and then abandoned. It has since gone bust. This is in the South Side.

Here are some kwel Kiwi designs. There they play a team game, rugby, and have a world famous squad called the All Blacks.

Finally, talking about handcuffs at sports venues is a subject that our mayor might blush about.

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