Friday, May 06, 2005

Diven and Conquer -- City Paper Ink -- a few notes and CDs about a "RECORD"

Whether they vote on little things like issues and records is another question. As is often the case, the one candidate without a record, Libertarian Mark Rauterkus, seems to have the most specific ideas, pushed in Web sites and blogs (,,

I don't have a record. No criminal past here.

I don't have a record -- because I've got a CD.

Really, by now, I've got five CDs that I've used on the campaign and community trails.

One was for the relief concert in advance of Mindy Simmons' last visit. That had public domain art from last years travels.

Two was in advance of Johnsmith's concert.

Three is the present offering with the theme song, "Think Again."

Four and Five is a two-CD offering called Dad's Perspectives with Pround Dad's founder, Hogan Hilling. That CD appeared for the first time on May 3, 2005, at a Parent Engagement Conference hosted by Pgh Public Schools at my presentation.

Another insight on "records" -- I do have one. I've been on the record on a large range of issues. I'm here to make history, not be a slave of it. My record is out there in many ways.

And a final "record insight." As a swim coach, I've coached swimmers who have broken STATE-RECORDS in four states (Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, and New England). The New England swim association includes a few "states." So, I'm no stranger to records, record breaking feats, and overall performance.

Next week's City Paper is going to have more from my perspective, so I'm led to understand. The article by Marty Levine was good. It showed some of the character of the heavyweight opposition.

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