Friday, May 06, 2005

Tension -- like the morning Rosa Park's decided to ride the bus.

My wife is in Chicago. I dare not get arrested. I've got my mother-in-law to get in Oakland after her LAST day of work, FOREVER. She is 71. She is to retired for good. Today the office folks are taking her to lunch.

I've got my kids to get after school too.

This was an advanced copy of a prepared statement that is NOT valid. Diven and Fontana fumbled. The most recent statement is now on the blog in another posting.

Proposed Prepared Statement – Mark Rauterkus – 6 May 2005

First of all, I would like to thank Michael Diven and Wayne Fontana for supporting
my inclusion in today's debate.

Needless to say, I’m extremely disappointed that the AARP deemed it necessary to exclude me. In my opinion, the national and state AARP organizations should allow the local affiliations the latitude to make their own decisions in regard to local matters. But, this is simply a microcosmic version of how Federal and State Governments’ use bully-tactics when dealing with local government. Protection of the status quo is more important than the voters’ issues. And that’s something near and dear to my heart … and an issue with which I take very strong exception.

I am not a member of AARP, I acknowledge its right to run its organization as it sees fit. I simply disagree that an organization should be able to promote a legitimate view of the candidates without including all of the candidates.

Given the crisis mode and the band-aid mentality throughout the city, region and state, we also need to address the larger issue of one-party and two-party government. Neither one party rule nor two-party government provides the options needed by a diverse electorate.

Organizations, such as AARP, and events such as today's candidate forum, provide the opportunity to bring more representation to government.
Today's event provides an opportunity to bring representation to the multitudes of disaffected voters throughout this region, not to mention the country.

--- The AARP has chosen to pass on this opportunity.
Today's debate is an example of how those in power allow, condone and support an imbalance of power.

--- The disaffected voters of this region demand balance.
Today's debate will provide an excellent chance to see two-thirds of the options.

--- This District’s constituency knows that 67% is a failing grade – and this District’s constituency is clamoring for 100%.

Many democracies involve a multitude of parties – Iraq with more than 120 parties this past January, is just one example. But our present system is designed to eliminate all but the two old parties. Today's frail democracy is a conundrum specifically designed to be an endless, impenetrable loop.

You cannot participate without a 5% minimum past representation, yet you cannot get a 5% minimum representation without prior participation. And please note that celebrity candidates don’t qualify in quite the same manner as those of us with serious issues to address.

To close, let me reiterating my thanks to Mike Diven and Wayne Fontana for their support. All future debates must take serious candidates seriously. Thank you for your time!

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Anonymous said...

I really think the "tension" resulting from you getting into a local race is very much different than the historic act of defiance Rosa Parks showed on that bus many years ago. That's an absolutely asinine statement. You really take yourself way too seriously.