Saturday, May 07, 2005

Fontana, Diven trading punches - another problem that comes with a new fix in my campaign

Fontana, Diven trading punches: "Final campaign fund-raising and spending reports don't have to be filed until a month after the election."

I went door knocking, made calls, sent letters to a number of area bankers in recent times. I have a solution, talked about among other places, at city council's public comment period.

The press and Business Times have not picked up on the story, yet. They should. It would help them greatly in these matters. And, most of all, the solution gives the citizens a lot of power. So, the watchdogs might not like this solution.

Transparent PAC accounts would fix a ton of problems. It would make the public campaign process open. We'd not make more work for government offices.

The record keeping of expenses, incomes and assets is in a bank account. Open those bank records with a new style of account, the TRANSPARENT PAC ACCOUNT, and allow for bank by phone and bank by internet views of those accounts by everyone.

The general public should be able to call up, on the internet, my bank account,, and see how much money I have on hand, how much I'm depositing, and the checks, and how I'm spending my money. The checks and credit card expenses are all there -- hidden -- and waiting for a report that happens only four times a year.

The candidate expense and asset report would be much more simple.

The banks already do these type of accounts within their TRUSTs. There can be dozens of trustees who can VIEW the trust transactions -- but who can't do anything else, other than watch.

The public should be able to watch these PAC accounts, real time.

As soon as any bank comes forward, I'll move to that account and publish the access codes for others to witness -- with bank by phone and bank by internet viewing.

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