Saturday, May 07, 2005

Fontana, Diven trading punches - Fontana's vowed -- an opposite direction of mine and where it should be

Fontana, Diven trading punches: "Fontana vowed, 'We won't be outspent.'' He said he's getting financial help from state Senate Democrats and other party officials.

Fontana thinks it is important to win a spitting match.

I vow that I will be outspent.

I vow that I won't overspend. And, I won't overspend when I get into public office as well.

The problem with these old-party candidates and the old-party ways is that they feel more important when the spend more. They burn, churn, waste, abuse. They are not prudent. They are not responsible. They are not frugal. They are not serving the best interest of the taxpayers. They try to out-spend each other and think that that is real measure that counts.

Think again.

Fontana should say, "I'm getting my message out to the people." He can't say that.

Meanwhile, I can't blog much longer. I've got to get my message, now in 40,000 fliers, out to the people. I've got to delver boxes to some volunteers.

Want to help, give a call, or send an email.

If you want to pick-up 100 handouts and take them door-to-door in your neighborhood, come on down.

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