Saturday, May 07, 2005

Fontana, Diven trading punches - ROTFL - Jubelirer's freshness = toxic stentch

Fontana, Diven trading punches: "'We think people are disgusted with the Democratic politics of the past and will vote for Mike Diven, who is a breath of fresh air,'' Jubelirer said.

ROTFL = Roll On The Floor Laughing

Anyone who thinks Diven is a breath of fresh air must always be surrounded by toxic stentch.

Here is a statement without any creditability from the same source via Harrisburg. "We like this matchup," Jubelirer said. "Wayne Fontana has been the godfather of the reassessment process. He's part of the old Democratic establishment. Polls show the two within a few percentage points of each other. It's going to be very, very close.''

The race isn't close. It is costly. It isn't close. The move is a classic to try to close ranks. It isn't the truth. The poll results prove otherwise.

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