Thursday, September 01, 2005

The international rush to help -- or not??

Do you think China will lend a hand to help in the clean up efforts of New Orleans? What's your guess? What can be expected from the international sources? Posted by Picasa

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Rob said...

A lot of countries have already offered help to the United States. There are two problems:

One, we don't know what we need, and how to stage it. A common joke in EMS is the panicked paramedic who yells over the radio "Send everything you can!" To do so would cause staging problems, and it's unnecessary. It might also deplete resources that are needed elsewhere.

These things have to be coordinated. The U.S. government should let other countries that have offered know what and where and when help is needed.

Two, there's the question about what help we will accept. The current governement of the United States may reject offers of help based on who is offering. A clear example would be Venezuela, which has offered to help but was treated (IMHO) rudely. China might well be another case.